Ayurvedic Juice With Stevia

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    A well known remedy since the ancient times for feminine disorders which directly acts on uterine musculature. Stimulates uterus and gives a quick relief from uterine disorders especially in menorrhagia, uterine & ovarian fibroids and other disorders. Acts as an analgesic and anti inflamatory. A valuable tonic for women for all types of uterine and menstrual disorders.



    A natural, safe, anti stress herb that helps to cope up with life’s daily stress. Beneficial in senile weakness, in all cases of general weakness, nervous exhaustion, sciatica, paralysis, joint pain, weak memory, general fatigue, emaciation of children, etc. Infuses fresh energy & vigour. It is beneficial in brain disorders, Alzheimer’s disease, high triglyceride levels. It also improves athletic performance.


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    Bael is a proven astringent & anti dysenteric agent. Improves digestion & is highly beneficial in diarrhoea, chronic dysentery, ulcerative colitis. Useful to treat chronic irritable bowel syndrome as it acts as stool softener & regularizes bowel movements.


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    Brahmi is a universal memory tonic used for 3,000 years to treat nervous disorders. Brahmi is a valuable nervine & brain tonic that increases brain activity and memory power day by day. Brahmi helps cope stress effectively and ensures better efficacy, performance and productivity.


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    Giloy is traditionally used to boost immunity. Well known as “Indian Quinine”, used as antipyretic. Removes dyspepsia, intestinal irritability & inability to digest food. Giloy is beneficial in urinary systems disorders, jaundice, skin diseases, rheumatism and arthritis, acidity, spleen disorders, gonorrhoea, leucorrhoea, chronic diarrhoea, chronic dysentery, etc. Provides immunity against joints disease like: rheumatism and gout. GILOY IS TRIDOSH NASHAK

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    Consult our Doctor for dosage as symptoms may differ from patient to patient.